About Us

“PlasmaNet, Inc. (“PNI”) is a Delaware corporation which was founded on December 10, 1998. In June of 1999, PNI launched its FreeLotto.com website, which affords participants throughout the world six (6) lottery-style sweepstakes games free of charge whereby they can win up to $10,000,000 daily, by selecting the winning combination of numbers. PNI holds a patent, #*US 6,454,650 C1,* for the method and manner that a player submits their entries.

FreeLotto’s daily lottery drawings are scrupulously conducted using a Garron Lottery Product’s machine, the same ball-drop machine used by several state lotteries. The lotto balls themselves are certified as to weight uniformity by a well-known testing lab twice a year. Every drawing is videotaped and the tapes are securely archived at FreeLotto’s headquarters in New York City.

To date, more than $95 million in prizes have been awarded to millions of FreeLotto players, including four (4) $10 Million winners and nineteen (19) $1 Million winners. In addition, through its Click2Give program (where $1 and $5 prize winners can elect to contribute their winnings to the charity of their choice) and contributions from PNI, over $1.8 million has been donated to a wide range of international charitable causes.

In April of 2001, PNI introduced its “F.A.S.T.” (FreeLotto Automatic Subscription Ticket) service, which gives players the option of having FreeLotto enter their selections automatically each day for a modest monthly service charge.